Anorexia, an eating disorder with loss of appetite. It is mostly a problem of adolescence and young adulthood, patients are predominantly females (about 90%). Generally two types of eating disorders are well-defmed­anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. These present some overlapping features, but, in anorexia nervosa weight loss is marked about 15% below expected, with distorted body image, fear of weight gain or of loss of control over food intake. In bulimia nervosa, weight loss is not marked, but shows a morbid fear of fatness associated with disturbed eating behaviour. Anorexia, many times a common symptom of different diseases, drug side-effects and drug abuses.    .


  • Psychic- viz. anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, emotional disturbances.
  • Organic- carcinoma of stomach & pancreas; pituitary insufficiency etc.
  • Viral hepatitis and other form of chronic liver diseases.
  • Infection diseases and fever.
  • As a side effect of many drugs.
  • Alcoholic excess; drug addiction e.g. cocaine.
  • Faulty feeding etc.

Homeopathic Medicine: Selection should be according to individuality.


  1. Patients with malnutrition may require enteral or parenteral feeding with i.v infusion of nutrition and sometimes insulin therapy.
  2. Treatment of underlying organic or infection disease (if any) should be treated after diagnostic confirmation.