CSOM Cured

On 23/06/13, A 37 years old, Male, from R.M Dash road, Sutrapur, Dhaka, came to my chamber, with Chronic Suppurative Otitis media (CSOM).

He had been presented with virtigo, bloody discharge from both ear and ruptured Tympanic Membrane of the both ear, which was diagnosed at Square Hospital. And he was advised to Tympenoplasty (An operation – Artificial Tympanic membrane would be placed or repaired). He was advised to continue Antibiotic for several course to control the infection. But failed.

After taking Homeopathic medicine he was feeling better. His symptoms disappeared gradually. On November, 1st week, he went to the same Doctor, Square hospital, and found that his Tympanic Membrane is healed and no need to surgery or any further medication. Thanks to ALMIGHTY ALLAH. Thanks to Dr.Dina for trusting me and referring him to me.