Dr. Nazmul Hasan

It means the absence or disturbance of menstrual period in women who earlier had regular menstruation cycles.


  • Pregnancy- If conceived and pregnancy continues (Physiological)
  • Anxiety about pregnancy- Psychological Stress.
  • Breast-feeding.
  • Extra weight loss- malnutrition induced.
  • Eating disorders e.g. Anorexia nervosa
  • Excessive exercises or sports- very common in athletes.
  • Stress- both physical and mental.
  • Hormonal changes- usually after 40 years (40-49 years) premenopausal stage.
  • Problems related to reproductive organs, e.g. Cystic ovary, Fibroid uterus etc.
  • Drugs e.g. Prescribed or recreational drugs

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Breast tenderness or heaviness.
  • Abdominal pain or discomfort, heaviness, sensation as if distended.
  • Headaches, heaviness in head, usually more in morning and evening, after sleep.
  • General feeling of weakness and fatigue with occasional weight gain.
  • Irritability- both physically and mentally.

What to do:

  • If pregnancy confirms than continue, if desired.
  • Improve food habits.
  • Increase supplement food with adequate vitamins and minerals, especially more iron, calcium and zinc.
  • If stressed mentally then discuss problems with some family member and get relax.
  • Avoid unwanted or excess physical stress.
  • Do exercises or meditation regularly for relaxation.
  • Consult a Doctor if any pathological problem found in reproductive organs.
  • Reduce intake of medicinal drugs.
  • Avoid narcotics, alcohol or any kind of recreational drugs.

Role of Homeopathy:

The role of homeopathy lies in the fact that it can bring back the lost balance in the human body when it is in a diseased state. Homeopathic remedies act at the Psycho Neuro Endocrinal axis. In other words it stimulates the human body which in turn will take care of the imbalance. If no pathology found then it may take around 3-4 months to back the cycle in regular manner. If any pathology found then may vary the period of treatment. Usually in a case of Ovarian Cyst, it takes around 2-4 months, in a case of Fibroid Uterus may take up to 7-8 months.